Fiat Sold 79 Vehicles in Canada Last Year

Fiat Sold 79 Vehicles in Canada Last Year

15 January 2022 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Fiat 124 Spider


Despite what happened to the brand in the past few years, Fiat still has a special place in my heart. I remember very well the moment I saw my first Fiat in Canada because it was my girlfriend Fiat at the moment. She was lucky enough to put her hand on one of the first Fiat 500 delivered in the country. It was one of the Prima Edizione. This car had a unique vibe to it. It felt almost like it was an exotic or supercar. Of course, I'm not talking about the driving experience but more about this styling and the car's design. Back then, it was new, and nobody knew what a Fiat 500 was. So it was exciting to see people's reactions. 


Forward ten years later, I think we can see that Fiat didn't have the success it attended to have in North America. Some cars like the 124 Spider we're outstanding. Still, the 500 failed to conquer the new continent thanks to poor reliability and thanks to the fact its tiny vehicles and small cars have proved to be not so successful in North America over the years.


Was 2021 a better year than 2020? 


2020 certainly was one of the most challenging years ever for the automobile industry. Many manufacturers were forced to change their business model drastically to avoid bankruptcy. 2021 was also a difficult year, but Many car manufacturers could make a good profit because there are not so many vehicles available on the market right now. Some manufacturers even registered a growth in their sales in 2021. However, the situation is far from being that good for the Italian manufacturer Fiat which managed to sell only 79 vehicles in 2021 in the entire country. This is the number of units the average Honda or Ford dealer sells in a month to give you an idea of the situation.


In 2020, Fiat sold 147 cars in Canada. So last year's sales were almost cut in half, which isn't good news when you know that most car manufacturers did well in 2021. Of the 79 cars Fiat managed to sell last year, 55 of them were 124 Spiders, and as I said before, this wasn't a bad car at all. Eighteen units were Fiat 500X, and the six remaining sales came from the 500 and 500L. Perhaps you can say your car is more exclusive than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini if you drive a Fiat from 2021.  


What's the plan now?


It is hard to say what will happen to the North American division of Fiat in the future, but there are some rumors that the Italian manufacturer is going to launch new vehicles soon. This could be a solution since the first strategy of Fiat didn't work. The Italian manufacturer went the same way Mini did by offering an entire lineup of the same car in different versions. Even if this strategy did prove to be a success with Mini, it was a total failure for Fiat. Mini sold more than 4 200 vehicles last year. Anyway, all we can do now is wait for Fiat to introduce a new car to the market and hope for the best.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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Author: Jean-Sébastien Poudrier