Ford to Bring Back the Thunderbird Nameplate

Ford to Bring Back the Thunderbird Nameplate

09 June 2022 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Ford Thunderbird


After the Bronco, the Lightning, and the Maverick, Ford might get another name out of its history to staple to new upcoming models. The Thunderbird is an interesting story, and it’s a vehicle that has been beloved by the public and the purist over time. The model was continuously produced from 1954 to 1997 before being reincarnated into a retro-themed car in 2001. Although, this last generation was far less popular, which led Ford to discontinue the car in 2005 with no replacement. 


The Maverick name went from a car to a small pick-up truck, but things could be different for the Thunderbird. According to the Ford Authority blog, the American manufacturer could be working on a direct competitor to the Corvette. Well, you might think the Ford GT is, but the supercar has a very limited production line, and its price point is nowhere near the Corvette. When Ford first launched the Thunderbird in 1954, the whole idea was for it to compete against the Corvette. So, it makes sense for the reincarnation of the Thunderbird to do so.


January 13, 2021


This is a very important date because Ford filed a trademark for the Thunderbird name is January 13, 2021. Of course, Covid-19 probably held off the project in the meanwhile, but rumors have intensified over the past few months. And we now think that Ford is about to reveal what is going on with this Thunderbird name.


What About the Mustang


There is a lot of concern about the Ford Mustang and its potential electrification. There is to be a hybrid version of it, but the Mustang like we know it today is far from being done. In fact, the arrival of a second major sports car in Ford’s lineup could help to save the Mustang like it is today. If Ford brings back the Thunderbird in the form of an exotic sports car, it might throw a lot of EV tech in it without diluting any of the sports car DNA since it’s going to be a ‘‘fairly new’’ model.


I mean, this makes a lot of sense when you take the time to think about it. Also, Ford isn’t the only manufacturer who could be working on something like that. There are rumors about the comeback of the Viper on Dodge’s side. Yes, you heard me right, the Viper Could be back, but it could also be very different from the Viper we’ve known so far. Rumors are starting that the next Viper could be a mid-engine sports car. If this is true, then Ford should unveil the new Thunderbird before the end of the year, and we expect it to be a mid-engine sports car as well.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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Author: Jean-Sébastien Poudrier