Ford wants a three-row electric SUV

Ford wants a three-row electric SUV

30 May 2023 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Ford Explorer EV 2023

Electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, and Ford believes it's time to add a three-row electric SUV to its lineup.


While there are increasingly more electric vehicles on the market, the segment mostly consists of cars and small SUVs. Certainly, there are a few trucks available, notably from Tesla and Kia, but it remains very limited for larger families who want to switch to electric. Other full-size electric vehicles are also in the works from some manufacturers, but Ford will be one of the first to offer a serious vehicle in this segment.


A new model


The first thing to know is that it will not be an existing model converted to electric, as could be the case with the Explorer, for example. Ford is talking about a completely new vehicle with similar dimensions. This is excellent news for families or buyers whose needs require a vehicle with more generous dimensions and who may not necessarily want a truck.


Based on what we know so far, this new three-row SUV should not replace an existing model in any way.


Jim Farley, the CEO of the brand, and Doug Field, the new head of the electric vehicle division, presented the main features of this upcoming new model. For now, there is talk of a range that could go up to 350 miles, which is over 560 kilometers. That's huge, and if this information proves to be true, the new SUV from the American manufacturer could very well be among the electric vehicles with the best range on the market. There is also mention of a fast-charging function that should allow the model to recover half of its range in less than 10 minutes, another impressive feature.


Although no specific date has been mentioned, Ford plans to release its new three-row SUV in 2025. For now, the future vehicle from the American manufacturer is known only as the T3, referring to its completely new platform. It would not be surprising if other new vehicles emerge from this same platform, particularly from Lincoln, the luxury division of the American manufacturer.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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