Miami Grand Prix made America great again!

Miami Grand Prix made America great again!

10 May 2022 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Miami GP

Sunday was the first-ever Miami Grand Prix, and despite the fact that there were limitations on the numbers of spectators, the event was a huge success, minus some minor flops. Anyways, what really matters here is the fact that a lot of people watched the Miami Grand Prix and the fact that drivers, especially young ones, loved it. 


Many journalists called the Miami Grand Prix the "future of Formula 1". The least we can say is this event was a clash of old races in Europe, but since the sports have gained a lot of popularity in the USA, it kind of makes sense to offer new locations like Miami. By the way, there is another Grand Prix coming up in the United States of America this year in Austin, Texas. The event is planned for October 23rd. Also, there will be a new Grand Prix in Las Vegas starting in 2023, which totally proves my point of America opening to Formula 1. There are also two other significant events in North America, the Canadian Grand Prix, and the Mexican Grand Prix.


Drive to Survive


Even if some severely criticized the show for its drama, everybody admitted Netflix had been a good thing for Formula 1 since the launch of the first season. The show opened up F1 backstage to the public and allowed people to discover the sport from a totally new angle. Yes, Netflix plays with the stories, but they have to. At the end of the day, it is called television, but the American broadcaster has been really respectful about driver's and F1 team members' privacy so far. At least, it seems to be like this since those who publicly said they didn't want to be part of the show didn't appear on it a lot.


Purists are afraid that Netflix and the new generation are destroying the sport, but it's the complete opposite, in my opinion. Yes, some old circuits will be sacrificed in order to bring a new and fresh location to the sports, but that is part of F1 expansion. Attracting a new customer base, especially young people, isn't an easy task.


One of the critical aspects of F1 success in North America is fuel. Formula E hasn't been trendy on the new continent. What do you want, Americans love their gas-powered car, and this is why the growing F1 audience in the USA makes sense to me? Of course, the new regulations will bring electrified elements to Formula 1 cars in the near future, but the management has been clear about the fact it's going to stay a fuel-powered sport. Of course, we have talked a lot about biofuels lately, and this is one of the reasons Porsche and Audi will join Formula 1 in 2026.  


The Goods and the Bads of the Miami Grand Prix


Even if I've watched Miami GP from the comfort of my home here in Canada, there is a lot I can say about the event. The "fake" marina caused a universal big laugh, and I think this is something the organizers will be revised for the next event. There was a safety issue with the fact of bringing actual water to the center of the track. However, I am pretty sure they will find a solution. For the goods, I think we can safely say anything else was positive. The Miami vibe stuck really well to Formula 1.


The last thing we can say is getting ready for unique new locations for Grand Prix in the next few years since Miami was a major success, and I am sure Las Vegas will bring it on too.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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Author: Jean-Sébastien Poudrier