The 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse interior is Gorgeous

The 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse interior is Gorgeous

28 February 2023 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse

With every new Mustang comes a new era and more heritage. Ford elevated the game for its sports car with the first ever Dark Horse trim level instead to bring back a name from the past. The Dark Horse will sit over the Mustang GT. 


An entirely new branding surrounds the name Dark Horse involved in several racing series. Ford will also produce track-only versions of it with the Dark Horse S and the more radical Dark Horse R. Even in the regular customer version, the new top-of-the-line trim will be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 producing more than 500 horsepower. The Mustang Dark Horse will also be available with either the six-speed manual or the 10-speed automatic gearbox.


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Ford recently revealed more details about the Mustang Dark Horse, starting with the name of the brand-new color it has been presented with. As mentioned by Ford, ‘‘ the design team knew it needed a signature paint color to reinforce its name,’’ so Blue Ember metallic was found to be a perfect match for the American muscle car new version.


The 2024 Ford Mustang is an authentic piece of art and engineering on its own. The Dark Horse trim level just brings things up by a notch. As if he wasn’t yet enough, the American manufacturer just revealed more details about the car's interior.


In other to enhance the sinister aspect of it, the Dark Horse Mustang will get exclusive stripe options in the form of a vinyl graphic or hand-painted stripes. We expect this last option to cost at least several thousand dollars, as something similar was available for the GT500 for $12,615.


To continue with the blue theme here, the Mustang Dark Horse will get an anodized blue titanium shift knob for the manual transmission or anodized silver paddle shifters with the automatic gearbox. The Dark Horse Mustang will also get a flat bottom steering wheel wrapped in suede and enhanced with Bright Indigo Blue stitching. Finally, the Dark Horse Mustang will get a unique combination of interior and racing seat materials with Indigo Blue accents.


Ford also mentioned something about a class-first electronic drift brake. It sounds like a lot of fun to me, and this feature will help the Mustang Dark Horse to stand out from the competition.


According to Ford, the 2024 Mustang Dark Horse should be ready to order sometime this summer. I am a huge Mustang fanboy myself, and there are no ways for me to tell you how impatient I am to put my hands behind the wheel of the latest and greatest version. Ford Canada hasn’t confirmed yet if all the features mentioned above will be available in Canada or not. Still, we should have all details by the time the 2023 Mustang makes its official debut in Canada this summer.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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