The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Charge Your Mustang Mach E

The Ford F-150 Lightning Can Charge Your Mustang Mach E

07 January 2022 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Ford F-150 Lightning

The least we can say is that we are very far from the era when a truck was just a truck. Today, your average truck can be an office, and it can be a family vehicle, a perfect off-roader ready for any adventure, and indeed a tool. What I mean by that it's not that it can replace an excellent old drill or a hammer, but a truck like the F-150 could be helpful in all sorts of situations. It can be used to stuff or to carry heavy stuff as well. You can use it to transport all your employees as well. However, Ford wanted the F150 to be even more valuable than that. That is why the F-150 Lightning can now charge your Mustang Mach E or perhaps any other electric vehicle. The F-150 Lightning is even capable of powering a modern house. These functions are beyond what a truck should be, but we're so glad that the American manufacturer is offering them. The F-150 Lightning isn't the only Ford lineup that can do such things since the Powerboost F-150 can also do it. 


I know, for the person who currently owns a gas-powered vehicle, that doesn't make sense to charge one of your electric vehicles with another electric vehicle. Nevertheless, imagine your wife is driving a Mustang Mach E, and she forgot to plug it in the last few days. Now she is stuck in the mall parking lot, and instead of calling roadside assistance, she calls you, and the only thing you must do is plug your truck into her car. Well, I have to admit this sounds a bit weird, but it is what it is, and it can save you from a very embarrassing situation, perhaps.


Is it efficient?


I wouldn't recommend using this charging method for everyday use, but as I said in the previous paragraph, this can be very helpful in some specific situations. We don't have many numbers about this specific F-150 Lightning capacity, but we know you can give about 20 miles of range to the Mustang Mach E in about an hour. In theory, this should be more than enough to allow you to drive back to your house or at least to another charging station. If you are charging another F-150 Lightning, we are talking about 13 miles of charge per hour. Ford even has some numbers about the E-Transit with 10 miles an hour.  


Thanks to what Ford is calling the Pro Power Onboard 240-volt outlet, all that is possible. This is powerful enough to charge another electric vehicle. Still, it's also powerful enough to be used with many power tools, which can be very useful if you're a construction worker, as an example.


As Ford mentioned in its press release about this exciting feature, "Just as cell phones and the internet changed our way of life, electric vehicles are poised to do the same with a wide range of new services and features. Leveraging the electric power generation and storage available in the new F-150 Lightning and F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, Ford is building in new features that give customers functionality, convenience, and capability."


More Than Just a Truck


I am impressed to see how Ford could push truck capabilities beyond everything we could have dreamed of or imagined in the past decade. And what's great about it is the fact that technology is evolving even faster nowadays, which means that trucks like the F-150 will become Moran more practical.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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Author: Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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