Everything you need to know about the upcoming Mazda CX-90.

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Mazda CX-90.

09 January 2023 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Mazda CX-90 2024


Even though it hasn’t been fully unveiled yet, we know a little more about the 2024 Mazda CX-90. The newest Japanese SUV should be revealed later this month. The CX-90 will be Mazda’s new flagship model, although it’s unclear whether it will replace the CX-9 or evolve alongside it. I think this will depend on a lot of how sales are going for the CX-9 in the next couple of months. 


The least I can say is I am pretty excited about the upcoming CX-90. This new SUV promises to be one of the most incredible Mazda vehicles ever made. One of the many things that the community about the CX-90 will appreciate is the engine it will use. From what we know, the Japanese SUV is expected to be powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine. However, we don’t have any numbers regarding power yet. There will be a second mechanical option as the CX-90 will be Mazda’s first Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle available in Canada.


Bigger Is Better


The Mazda CX-90 will be a luxurious 3-row SUV, and it’s important to mention it. You see, Mazda doesn’t have a luxury brand attached to it like is the case for Ford with Lincoln or Acura with Honda. So the CX-90 is expected to feel like a genuine premium model even though it will evolve under a non-luxury brand. This is a good thing for buyers. The 2024 Mazda CX-90 should be priced relatively aggressively, making it one of the best deals on the market.


As for the price, there is no official information, but Mazda is usually very conservative when it comes to this. Therefore, we think the 2024 CX-90 starting price should be anywhere between $45,000 and $50,000. With options and everything, the upper trim level could go as high as $70,000 with the PHEV powertrain.


2023 Is the Year


Yes, the Mazda CX-90 will come to our market as a 2024 model, but this has to go with the marketing around it. Most 2023 models came out during the second half of 2022, and the last thing Mazda want is for the CX-90 to be late at the party. Therefore the SUV will be unveiled later this month as a 2024 model and will go on sale later this year. We don’t have any precise date yet, but it should hit the market this summer.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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