Mercedes-Benz to stop small-car production in favor of bigger and more expensive models

Mercedes-Benz to stop small-car production in favor of bigger and more expensive models

04 June 2022 BY Jean-Sébastien Poudrier
Mercedes-Benz, A Class

We live in a crazy world where it's now possible to pay six figures for a brand new Jeep or Ram truck, but on the other side, you can get a Mercedes-Benz for less than 40 000 $. How's that even possible? Well, the current market is so wide that it gave manufacturers opportunities to extend their line-up on both sides. In the Mercedes-Benz case, this appeared in the form of cars like the AMG GT Black Series or the Project One. But the German manufacturer decided to play on the lower end of the spectrum with models like the A. Classe and the CLA. 


This gave the average Joe access to a luxury brand like Mercedes-Benz, and the German manufacturer is far from being the only one doing this. I think it's pointless to say these models became very popular in the last few years thanks to their prices and the fact they are as prestigious as any other Mercedes-Benz models. The only issue is that the German manufacturer can only produce so many vehicles in a year, and the brand is getting more popular every year. This lead's us to the current situation where Mercedes-Benz is seriously thinking about letting go of some cheaper models since profits are far less interesting on these.


Bye-bye, a Class


Without any surprise, one of the first vehicles to leave the Mercedes-Benz Line up will be the A-Class. At least, it's going to be the case for Canada and the U.S., which is not good news. The A-Class is a fantastic vehicle, and it feels like any other Mercedes-Benz. This isn't a car that you can qualify as cheap since affordable is far more appropriate. The fact that SUV is far more popular than a car certainly didn't help the situation. Also, the A-Class might be affordable in its most basic form, but it's still a Mercedes-Benz which means it has full options to choose from. You can make the price go over 70 000 $, which is a lot of money for a car like this, in my opinion. Nevertheless, the A-Class is worth every penny.  


Anyways, if you like the A-Class, 2022 is your last chance to put your hand on one of these in North America. The A-Class has been on the market for the past three years, and despite a massive success, it seems that Mercedes-Benz has another plan for its line-up.


For now, the A. Classe seems to be the only car that will be axed, and the GLA is set to take its place as the entry-level model even if such a thing doesn't really exist in the luxury car market. Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that production will continue for the CLA as a 2023 model. However, I won't be surprised if the German manufacturer put the ax in this model as well. I guess only time will tell us about that.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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Author: Jean-Sébastien Poudrier