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  • Top 10 Best Winter Car Accessories
    Top 10 Best Winter Car Accessories

    Winter is a season appreciated for many reasons. Firstly, there are the beautiful white landscapes and numerous activities exclusive to this season, such as skiing or snowmobiling. However, winter also poses challenges for car owners. The cold weather can cause various problems, not to mention the salt and other abrasive ..

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  • Kia EV9 2024: The Revolution
    Kia EV9 2024: The Revolution

    Kia isn't new to the electric vehicle game, and perhaps that's what gives the Korean manufacturer an edge over the competition. The brand has been transitioning from gasoline models to electric, as seen with the Soul and Niro. Subsequently, Kia introduced its first exclusively electric model, the EV6, which saw tremendous ..

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  • BMW X4 2024: Utility and Highly Sporty
    BMW X4 2024: Utility and Highly Sporty

    Luxury, performance, technology—these are elements that define the majority of prestigious models today. Hence, it's necessary to go further and offer more to stand out from the crowd, as is the case with the BMW X4. It represents the best that the brand has to offer, yet it also sets a standard for the rest of the ..

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  • Toyota Camry: Ready for the NASCAR Series

    Toyota has just unveiled the all-new Camry dedicated to the NASCAR Series, and let me tell you, it's far from the friendly four-door sedan offered to the general public.   In addition to a new version, the Japanese manufacturer's race car also... Read on

  • This is the brand new 2024 Saleen Mustang.

    Steve Saleen is one of the most famous automotive tuners in North America. Similar to Carole Shelby, the former race car driver turned businessman gained recognition through enhancements his company makes to certain cars, including the Ford Mustang.   Each... Read on

  • Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer 2024: Goodbye to V8 Engines

    Jeep recently announced the 2024 updates for its Wagoneer lineup, and the first thing that stood out was the absence of V8 engines.   Since Stellantis unveiled the Hurricane engine, it's been known that the future of V8 engines is in jeopardy.... Read on

  • Top Gear: the end of the famous British show

    Top Gear: the end of the famous British show   The BBC has officially announced that the automotive news show Top Gear will not be renewed.   Top Gear experienced a significant decline in popularity since the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson.... Read on

  • Audi TT: End of an Era after 662,762 Units

    It's now time to bid farewell to one of Audi's most iconic cars as production has officially ended for the TT after a 25-year career and the creation of 662,762 units.   Before delving further, I'd like to share something that most people may not... Read on

  • Tesla Cybertruck: a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds

    After years of anticipation, speculation, and rumors, the first units of the Cybertruck have finally been delivered to customers, allowing us to learn more about the mysterious truck from the American manufacturer.   We now know that the towing... Read on